Welcome to FitKnits! FitKnits is a new online, personalized shopping service designed to improve the way you buy premium women’s activewear. You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers - learn more about how FitKnits is changing the way you shop and live in your activewear below. Also, we’re always testing and designing new features with the goal of creating the best user experience possible so let us know what you think by shooting us an email at!


How does FitKnits work?

It’s fun and simple. Start by signing up with your Facebook login, then fill out your Style Profile and tell us all about your size, color, style preferences and more. Once you have completed your Style Profile, simply enter your shipping address, and choose how often you’d like to receive your FitKnits shipment, and enter your billing information. From there, we’ll get to work selecting the best activewear apparel for you. When your FitKnits shipment arrives, you’ll have five days from the date it arrives in your mailbox to try everything on in the comfort of your own home, keep what you like, and return the rest in the enclosed prepaid mailer. You’ll only pay for what you keep and we’ll apply your Membership Fee to any items you decide to purchase.

What if I don’t have a Facebook account? Can I still sign up?

Of course! Simply email to get your account created.

What will I get in my FitKnits delivery?

Your FitKnits shipment will include a variety of activewear pieces, including tops, bottoms, sports bras, outerwear and accessories. You’ll get approximately six - ten items altogether depending on your chosen plan. All pieces are selected based upon your unique Style Profile. If there are any items you don’t want us to send you, simply let us know in your Style Profile, which you can also update at any time. The more information you give us, the better we can customize your FitKnits experience!

How is each FitKnits personalized?

Your Style Profile is designed to help us make the best selections for you. What’s more, we track your past shipments, purchases and returns so we can continue to learn more about what to send you in your next shipment. Our mission is to make you love your look and feel your best every day in your activewear. So please feel free to contact us with questions, feedback and suggestions for future deliveries at

What brands are included in a FitKnits shipment?

We are constantly updating our inventory so we are always adding new brands. Brands we currently work with include Amari, Cozy Orange, Vimmia, Strut This, Coco on the Go, Goldsheep, Onesie, and many others. We like to include a variety of smaller up-and-coming brands as well as some more established lines so that we can continue offering fresh, fun and fabulous looks to our customers. We often get the latest styles before they hit retail stores, so you’ll be the first to sport the hottest new trends!

What if something doesn't fit me?

Not a problem! If there is an item you’d like to try in a size up or down, email and we’ll do our best to accommodate any sizing changes, based upon availability. You can also update your size preferences in your FitKnits Style Profile at anytime.

What sizes do you offer?

Based on the brands we carry, we currently offer sizes XS-XL, 0-12. We hope to be offering a wider range of sizes soon!

What if I don’t like something I receive?

No sweat! If there’s any return item(s) you don’t want to keep, simply write down the return reason code on the product detail sheet and submit it with the return items in the pre-paid mailer that comes with your FitKnits shipments. Drop off your returns at USPS within five days of receiving it and you won’t be charged for those items.

Can I request certain pieces?

We aren’t equipped to accept special requests for certain items just yet, but stay tuned as we are continuously updating our services so we can provide you with the absolute best in your FitKnits shipments!


How much does FitKnits cost?

When you sign up for FitKnits, we charge a non-refundable and non-transferable Membership Fee for each shipment we send you. The Membership Fees for each plan vary: $20 Membership Fee for monthly, $30 Membership Fee for every other month, and $40 Membership Fee for every three months. That fee will be applied toward any items you decide to purchase from the shipment. What's more, if you keep 5 or more items from your shipment, you'll receive 20% off your entire purchase. Discounts are determined after the application of promotional offers and prior to the application of the Membership Fee credit. Please note only one promotional offer may be used per box.

How much do the clothes cost?

It depends on the item, and each shipment will include a range. Generally, tops range from $30 to $110, bottoms from $55 to $140, sports bras from $35 to $100 and outerwear from $50 to $150. Our prices are comparable to what you would pay in a high-end boutique or premium athletic apparel store. We also typically charge the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. We do not charge a premium on the clothes we sell.

When will I be charged?

When you first sign up for FitKnits, you will automatically be billed according to your chosen plan. After that, you will be billed on or around the 15th of the month, approximately 2 weeks prior to your next shipment. If you choose to keep any items, your Membership Fee will be credited towards those purchases, plus any discounts.

Can I update my credit card information?

Yes. You can update your credit card information at any time by logging into your FitKnits Profile and going to the “Membership” page. There you will see a blue icon labeled “Change Card.” Select this button and update your credit card information.

What if I have a dispute about a charge?

Please contact us at and we’ll help you out!


When will I receive my FitKnits delivery?

When you sign up for FitKnits, you can select to receive shipments every month, every other month, or every three months. Once you choose your plan frequency, your FitKnits shipments will include an assortment of fitness and lifestyle tops, bottoms, sports bras, outerwear and accessories. FitKnits shipments are typically mailed out on the last day of the month for all plans. We do our best to get your FitKnits shipment out on that date, but we cannot guarantee delivery dates. You will receive an email from us when your FitKnits is shipped that will include tracking information.

Can I change the frequency of my FitKnits plan?

Yes! You can change your delivery frequency at any time, however, once the Membership Fee has been charged for a particular shipment, the change in frequency will not take effect until the next FitKnits shipment. For example, if you are signed up for the monthly plan and you have been billed the $20 Membership Fee, then you change your frequency to every other month before your monthly FitKnits shipment is delivered, you will still receive the monthly shipment and thereafter, your plan will be changed to every other month and you will be charged accordingly.

Will I be charged for shipping?

Never! Shipping is always on us.

Return Policy

What is the return policy?

We are happy to accept returns in the prepaid envelope enclosed in your FitKnits shipment. The returns simply need to be postmarked within 5 days after you’ve received your FitKnits shipment and the items returned unworn with tags on.

Are sales final?

All sale purchases are final once the five day period has expired and you’ve been billed for the items. This means no exchanges or returns will be accepted for refund or credit after that time.

Account Information

What if I can't access my account?

Please email us at and we’ll get you back on track in no time!

How can I cancel my account?

You can cancel your FitKnits account at any time by emailing us at Please allow us 30 days to fully process your cancellation.

Do you have a referral program?

Our referral program is coming soon! We love it when you share FitKnits with friends and family so we’re hard at work on referral rewards for our loyal FitKnitters like you! Stay tuned!


I have a fitness fashion line and want my pieces to be included in FitKnits. How can I contact you?

Awesome! We are always on the lookout for the best new brands and styles so please send us an email at and we’ll be happy to discuss.

I have a press or partnership inquiry.

Thank you for your interest! You can direct press inquiries to

I still have questions!

And we have answers! Just shoot an email to, or leave a message at 323-451-5662, and we’ll be happy to help. Please allow 24-48 hours for us to respond to your inquiry. Our scheduled support hours are 10 am - 5 pm (PST) Monday through Friday, but we aim to get back to you as soon as we possibly can!